SPIRIT: How Can We Make Our Tefillah More Meaningful and...
Learn about: What is the power of Tefillah? How can I connect? Tools for effective and meaningful Tefillah Presented by: Mrs. Tamar Nusbaum, Curriculum Developer, Founder and Director of Ani
May 31, 2022
By papira
Elder Fraud Scams: Awareness and Avoidance
Elder Fraud Scams: Awareness and Avoidance The law enforcement community has seen a steady increase in both the number of scams targeting seniors, as well as the loss amounts to
Apr 21, 2022
By papira
SPIRIT: Gratifying Communication
With Pesach approaching, we will look at ways to increase our Gratifying Communication. In the talk, we will examine: How to identify the goals of any communication. How to communicate
Mar 29, 2022
By papira
SPIRIT: Yours Eyes as You Age
Common Age-Related Eye Disorders – Eyes are the most important organ of human perception, and 80% of knowledge and memory in the brain are acquired through eyes. As we get
Mar 14, 2022
By papira
How to Communicate with People who Have a Hearing...
The program will feature:  10 tips for helping to understand and make yourself understood to someone with a hearing loss Resources for people with hearing loss  (captioning, CART services, voice
Mar 10, 2022
By papira
SPIRIT: Generational Generosity: How to instill the love of...
Learn about how: Tzedakah starts in the home: Modeling tzedakah is the only way to instill the value in your children Tzedakah should be a personal experience: The importance of
Mar 2, 2022
By papira
Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Home...
Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Home in Israel with Capitil Real Estate and Partners, Part II You’ll get: Expert advice on the role of the real estate agent,
Feb 22, 2022
By papira
The Learning Revolution: How the Digital Age is Transforming...
You will learn: How the medium or learning has come full circle: from Oral Torah to learning via Podcast How the Digital Age is radically expanding the audience for Torah
Feb 3, 2022
By papira
Ad D’lo Yada (Until one doesn’t know. . .)...
Join us for a discussion of INSIGHTS ABOUT ALCOHOL USE THROUGH THE GENERATIONS. Presented by: Ruchama Bistritzky-Clapman, Founder/Executive Director, MASK (Mothers & Fathers Aligned Saving Kids) and Rabbi Dr. Benzion
Jan 20, 2022
By papira
Soviet Jewry: Lessons Learnt through a Retrospective Lens
This presentation will cover: A retrospective look  at Refusenik Life in the former Soviet Union. An encounter with the KGB following the Soviet downing of a Korean passenger airplane that
Jan 10, 2022
By papira

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