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Something to Say at the Seder 5784
It’s that time of year! With Purim in the rearview mirror, we are busily barreling towards Pesach and all that that entails. As is normally the case, people are flocking
Apr 4, 2024
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
The OU’s Taryag Email Returns May 1
As you are no doubt aware, OU Torah offers a lot of great daily emails. Among these are: Nach Yomi – a chapter a day from the books of Neviim and
Apr 18, 2023
By OU Staff
Something to Say at the Seder 5783
As we prepare for the joyous but super-busy Pesach season, people flock to OU Holidays for information and inspiration on the upcoming chag, including meaningful insights that can be shared at
Mar 22, 2023
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
Targum Onkelos – New and Improved for 5783!
Last year, we introduced a new series, entitled Targum Onkelos – in English! The series was designed to assist users with fulfilling the obligation of Shnayim Mikra v’Echad Targum, reviewing
Oct 19, 2022
By OU Staff
When Tisha b’Av is Observed on Sunday
When is havdalah recited? Do we use a candle and spices? Can we break the fast with meat? There are a lot important questions that arise this year when Tisha
Aug 4, 2022
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
Something to Say at the Seder – Live!
OU Torah’s sister site, OU Holidays, is “open for business” year-round, though some times of year simply aren’t as busy as others. Marcheshvan? Not too busy. Kislev? Pretty busy! And
Apr 4, 2022
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
Start Dirshu Mishnah Brurah Yomi With Rabbi Aaron E....
Join the celebration via livestream motzoei Shabbos, February 12, at 8:00 PM on It’s been a banner couple of months for those who participate in daily Torah-study programs! Mishna
Jan 31, 2022
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
Nach Yomi Starts NOW
Just an update on our last Torah Blog, about the new Nach Yomi cycle, which starts the day this is being published – Thursday, Jan. 20. The following resources are
Jan 20, 2022
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
Notable News for Nach Newcomers, Novices and Neophytes
It’s that time again! You may have read how Mishna Yomit – the study of two mishnayos a day – just restarted its six-year cycle. Well, on January 20, Nach
Dec 28, 2021
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
New Mishna Yomit Cycle Begins Dec. 25!
Breaking news! All Mishnah, a free mishna app by the team that brought you All Daf and All Parsha is now available for download! Features include a convenient tracker for
Dec 8, 2021
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

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