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Orthodox Union Mourns the Passing of Senator Joseph Lieberman
The Orthodox Union is deeply saddened by the news that Senator Joseph Lieberman passed away today at the age of 82. Joe Lieberman was a member of our community who
Mar 27, 2024
By OU Staff
A Call to Communities and Individuals for a Day...
אבינו מלכנו מנע מגיפה מנחלתך Shiva Asar B’Tammuz – Thursday, July 9 A Call to Communities and Individuals for a Day of Sincere Tefillah We urge one and all to
Jul 2, 2020
By OU Staff
Prayers for those affected by Coronavirus
  As you are no doubt aware, the spread of Coronavirus has become a global concern that has reached 6 continents and continues to spread. There is a great deal
Feb 27, 2020
By OU Staff
Watch/Listen: Comprehensive Overview on Government-Funded Security Resources
  In addition to identifying specific sources of government funding for security enhancements, this presentation outlines how you can access these resources, where you can turn for help in navigating
Jan 2, 2020
By OU Staff
Letter from Rav Doron Perez
As Rosh Hashanah approaches, we want to inform you of a great opportunity you have as Jews living in America to directly influence major decisions made in Israel. Such an opportunity,
Sep 27, 2019
By OU Staff
Rav Baruch Wieder of Yeshivat Hakotel to Speak on...
In April, Israel and the entire Jewish people were moved by the return of missing Israeli soldier Zechariah Baumel ז”ל after 37 years. Rav Baruch Wieder, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Hakotel,
Jun 18, 2019
By OU Staff
Two-Year-Old Needs a Bone Marrow Match
Two-Year-Old Needs a Bone Marrow Match
Are you a descendant of Eastern Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Armenia or Georgia? You may be a match for Imri! Two-year-old Imri Chai has an extremely rare bone marrow disorder. Imri
May 15, 2019
By OU Staff
Rabbi Yosi Eisen A’H
We regret to inform you of the passing of Rabbi Yosi Eisen. Rabbi Eisen spent six years as the OU-JLIC Rabbi at University of Massachusetts-Amherst where he worked with his family
Jun 20, 2018
By OU Staff
BRCA Testing for Men and Women of Jewish Ancestry Offered for Free in BFOR Trial
BRCA Testing for Men and Women of Jewish Ancestry...
The BFOR Study is open! As a reminder, the BRCA Founder Outreach Study (BFOR) is an important new genetic study of particular relevance to the Jewish community. BFOR seeks to
May 16, 2018
By OU Staff
Special Request: Prayer for Rain in Israel
Special Request: Prayer for Rain in Israel
The third chapter of Masekhet Ta’anit (Seder Ta’aniyot ‘Eilu) prescribes a religious response to the lack of rainfall in the Land of Israel. This year, despite some heavy precipitation, there remains a significant
Jan 15, 2018
By OU Staff

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