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Why This Year’s Shavuot Is One of the Most...
Beginning Tuesday evening, June 11, Jews all over the world celebrate Shavuot and commemorate the day they received the Torah and its commandments at Sinai. The Talmudic Sages, apparently familiar
Jun 10, 2024
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Lag B’Omer, Politics, and International Courts
On Wednesday, I received a horribly anguished call from an acquaintance. She was angry with me, with us, with the Jewish community. She had seen the just-released horrific October 7
May 24, 2024
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
The Feds, Power, and Courage: Reflections on Yom HaShoah...
Following a recent meeting between increasingly concerned Jews and the government agencies charged with protecting them, I approached the senior agent representing the FBI and asked him to explain their
May 6, 2024
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
From Ma Nishtana to Ma Nishtanu: We Are Different!
The current lack of moral clarity is painful. The world – including some of our best friends and many of our own people – cannot seem to see why this
Apr 25, 2024
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Pesach Message: A Seder Lesson From the Hostage Families
Dearest Hostage Families, Everything you have taught us over these six torturous months can be summarized in a biblical phrase, vayima’ein l’hitnacheim, “(they) refused to be consoled.” You put your
Apr 20, 2024
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Bridging the Gap of Experience: An Appeal for Yom...
Since Simchas Torah, our people have been actively engaged in an existential battle against an enemy intent on destroying us. Hundreds of Israel’s precious soldiers have given their lives, and
Apr 11, 2024
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Ki im hachareish tacharishi ba’eis hazos… This is a time when we may not be silent. Please – right now – stop whatever you are doing, pray to Hashem, and
Mar 29, 2024
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Purim, Prosemitism and Elevating our Jewish Identity
It is Purim season, and it is high time for us to lift our spirits, to turn from today’s painful challenges to its incredible opportunities and to lose some sleep
Mar 25, 2024
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Enough Sympathy: Jews Need Real Action to Stop Antisemitism
President Biden’s State of the Union address notably ignored America’s current tidal wave of antisemitism and failed to reference the May 2023 launch of the first ever National Strategy to
Mar 18, 2024
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
The Guardian Slumbers: Responding to Senator Schumer
Leader Schumer’s speech to the Senate yesterday, Thursday, March 14th, was profoundly disappointing and concerning. While Leader Schumer claimed to speak on behalf of a silent majority of Jewish Americans,
Mar 15, 2024
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer

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