NCSY Searching For Volunteers To Aid Sandy Relief Efforts

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Hurricane Sandy
09 Nov 2012

We were just beginning to recover from Sandy and our region was hit very hard once again from this Nor’Easter they are calling Athena.

There are so many people affected and we want to be able to respond to help with whatever they need.

NCSY has been very busy working around the clock with disaster relief programs to help out those neighborhoods that experienced devastating destruction, loss of homes, and loss of power. Our NCSY teens in Brooklyn have been very busy hosting families that are displaced from their homes, and preparing meals in local food shelters for those who have no access to food. Groups of teens are meeting in Westchester and want to mobilize to help.  Across Long Island we are busy going door to door, checking on teens and their families, assisting with clean up, collecting Shaimos, organizing food drives, and worked with one shul to preserve their Sifrei Torahs damaged by water.

From several conversations with lay leaders to strategize how to continue to best utilize our talents, we believe that the best idea right now is to organize groups of volunteers and to send them to specific areas that need assistance. Working together with Achiezer, the Long Island community resource center who is the hub of disaster relief here, we will be directed to respond to specific needs in the Long Island area.

Our efforts on the ground are desperately needed.

Please reach out to teens, advisors, as well as your friends and neighbors and organize a group who can commit to come on a specific day and time slot to the long island area.  Let me know if you can work out transportation for them as well.

I will then be able to coordinate where they will go.

If any of you know of other disaster relief efforts that we can assist with, please let me know.

You are our leaders and have been empowered through NCSY to take initiative and help make a difference in our Jewish communities with Jewish teens.

I am confident the results will be life changing for you and for those who are on the receiving end of your efforts.

This is the priority for today, so please make every effort to let me know asap.

Tizku L’Mitzvot




Carol Rhine
Chief Operating Officer 

New York NCSY

555 Willow Avenue

Cedarhurst, NY 11516

516-569-6279 (W)

516-569-6278 (F)

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