Incredible Story of a Lost Tallis Bag — and the Search Through a Landfill For It

23 Nov 2016

New York – It was a day that should have been like any other.

A Williamsburg man in his mid thirties placed his fully loaded tallis bag containing his tallis and two pairs of tefillin into a storage cubby at the Brooklyn Satmar Lee Gardens synagogue on Lorimer Street.  What happened next seems impossible to comprehend.

The bag, which contained the man’s bar mitzvah tefillin, as well as his chosson tallis, somehow found itself stuffed into an already crowded portion of the storage wooden unit.  Protruding the way it was from the cubby, it was only a matter of time before the laws of gravity took over and surveillance video at the synagogue captured images of the bag falling out of the cubby and landing directly in an adjacent trash can, without anyone noticing.

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