British Jewry faces Brexit vote with fear and trepidation

22 Jun 2016

From the Times of Israel:

LONDON — As Britain heads into the last few days of campaigning before the historic referendum on whether to stay in or leave the European Union, only one thing is clear: This will be a narrow, knife-edge, vote.

Just a week ago those pressing for “Brexit” — a British exit from Europe — were ahead in the polls by around five to seven points. But on Sunday the respected polling organization YouGov published two polls showing a swing back to “Remain,” in support of the status quo.
The tragic murder of the MP Jo Cox, a leading figure in the Remain camp, may not have had a direct impact on Sunday’s YouGov polls, given that most of the research in one poll took place before her death. But few British citizens can have heard the words of her alleged killer, Thomas Mair, without a shudder, when he was asked to identify himself in court at the weekend. Instead of giving his name, Mair said, “My name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain.

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