The Kosher Connection

21 Oct 2020

They used to say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – today it’s everyone. And the UAE has morphed this to even greater heights to attracting Jewish travel and tourism to the Emirates. If other countries follow suit, it will unlock Jewish tourism throughout the entire Gulf.

Since the announcement on August 13, 2020, that the UAE and Israel would be normalising relations, the interest from kosher observant Jews – both Israelis and otherwise – in visiting has increased dramatically. The UAE government is committed to making sure that Jews feel comfortable visiting the emirates for business and pleasure and they are very supportive of their two synagogues in Dubai and are building a third in Abu Dhabi. They have also put a large focus on making sure that kosher food is readily available, because as we know, Jewish communities and tourism flourishes when there is kosher food and a place to pray. In the following weeks, the UAE made a series of announcements related to kosher food that has ultimately led them unlocking unprecedented Jewish tourism opportunities.

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