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Cruciferous Vegetables
03 Jul 2012
Mental Health

I awoke this morning only to discover a new wrinkle, an unwelcome addition with far too many friends to count.  Aging is a natural phenomenon in a human life cycle.  It cannot be prevented, and as we age our bodies will change and deteriorate.

Wrinkles and memory loss are just two of the many manifestations of aging.  A higher risk of contracting diseases like cancer, developing Alzheimer’s, elevated blood pressure, and cardiac failures are all associated with it.

We cannot reverse the aging process, but we can slow it down by eating the right kinds of food and living healthfully.  In general, keep your calorie and saturated fat intake down; eat plenty of whole grains, oily fish, fruits, and vegetables; cut down on salt and sugar.  There are ten specific anti-aging foods that will help you in your fight against Mother Nature, and should be regularly included in your diet.

Scientists at the USDA have developed a ratio scale that measures the antioxidant content of various plant foods.  The scale is called ORAC – Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.  They found that a small group of “super foods” have up to twenty times the antioxidant power of other foods.  It is recommended that one consumes 3,000 ORAC units a day, which is not too difficult: ½ cup of blueberries are 2,400 units.


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We are what we eat. Fortunately, many foods are proven to drastically enhance our lives. A combination of the ten specific anti-aging foods mixed with the ORAC superfoods have the power to delay aging and make our bodies healthier. These foods will make you feel better, younger, and fend off disease.  Throw in a high-quality antiwrinkle cream and you’ll look great, too!

Aliza Beer, M.S., R.D., is a registered dietitian with a masters degree in nutrition and has a private practice in Cedarhurst. Consultations can be done in office, or by phone/email. Aliza can be reached at

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