An Unforgettable Bridal Shower for a Yachad Participant at Camp Mesorah

26 Jul 2017

On Sunday evening, July 23rd, a Yachad participant got the surprise of the summer as she entered a room filled with decorations, food and her friends, who had gathered at Camp Mesorah to celebrate her bridal shower.

Tamar Schlanger, from Teaneck,NJ, has been part of the Yachad family since she was a small child. This summer marks her third in the Camp Mesorah Yachad Vocational Program.  She is I”YH getting married to Chaim Goldman, another longtime Yachad participant, from Brooklyn, at the end of August!

Chani Herrmann, Director of NJ Yachad and Program Director for Mesorah Yachad, approached Deena & Ari Katz, Directors of Camp Mesorah, prior to the summer to discuss the idea of throwing Tamar a bridal shower that would include all the Yachad participants in camp and the women of Mesorah’s upper specialty staff.

The idea was met with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

“Yachad and Camp Mesorah have a very special partnership that goes way beyond the every day scheduling of activities,” noted Herrmann.  “We are a strong family and are always looking for ways to make everything more inclusive.  Celebrating a simcha together is just one example of the special relationships built at camp. We are all so excited for Tamar and Chaim and wish them many years of happiness together!”

The spectacular event was filled with lots of well wishes for Tamar and of course, many fun games to celebrate Tamar and Chaim’s upcoming wedding!  A beautiful d’var Torah was given by Deena Katz and games included “Tamar Bingo” and “Tamar Trivia.”

Beautiful handmade gifts were created by the Mesorah Art Department, where Tamar works as an assistant to Camp Mesorah Art Directors, Dena Isaacs and Nomi Weintraub. 

This special inclusive event was organized by Chani Herrmann, together with Aliza Gottlieb, Co-Director of Mesorah Yachad, Atara Friedman, Yachad Girls Head Counselor, Deena Katz and all of the incredible Yachad counselors!

Deena Katz summed up the event perfectly: “The Camp Mesorah women joined together to “shower” Tamar with love, good wishes and beautiful gifts at a bridal shower organized by the staff of Yachad. The entire Mesorah family wishes Tamar a HUGE mazal tov as she prepares for her special day!”

View the full photo gallery from Tamar’s bridal shower.

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