The J Street Decision – Stephen Savitsky talks to Past Conference of Presidents Chair Dr. Richard B. Stone

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28 May 2014

Intense debate abounded throughout the Jewish American world last month following the announcement that the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations denied admission to J Street.

Dr. Richard B. Stone, past chairman of the Conference, spoke to Orthodox Union Chairman of the Board Stephen Savitsky about the decision, dispelling the notion that it was a close and divisive vote. He called the vote an “overwhelming rejection that involved many centrist organizations.”

Dr. Stone goes on to explain in great detail how J Street’s views differ with that of the Conference, noting, “J Street exists, virtually entirely, to alter the America/Israel relationship so that America shows a tougher love for Israel, supposedly for Israel’s own good and supposedly because that’s what pro-Israel is all about.”

Listen to the full interview above.

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