OU Jewish Communities Fair Snapshot: Myrtle Beach

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30 Mar 2017
Our Jewish community is young and vibrant, famous for its warmth and hospitality. Myrtle Beach is blessed to have a Jewish preschool, as well as a renowned day school. 

Learn about Myrtle Beach at the OU Jewish Communities Fair on April 30
Full tuition scholarships are offered under the innovative FREE JEMB program. A
Chabad-led, an Israeli/Moroccan synagogue, a Syrian shul, as well as a minyan house serve the growing community. Holiday festivities, children’s programs, teen programs and varied adult Jewish education are all available. 
Jerusalem Mediterranean Restaurant is our elegant kosher restaurant, while fresh kosher meat and Cholov Yisroel products are available at Bi-Lo, our local supermarket. 
Myrtle Beach, per capita, is one of the fastest growing communities with both the cost of living and taxes among the lowest in the nation. It has the amenities of the major metropolitan cities while maintaining a quaint, small town atmosphere and warm, friendly Southern style. The Myrtle Beach climate is subtropical, and our coast boasts 60 miles of beaches which attract 14 million visitors each year. Hospitality and retail are the most prominent industries; however, the inexpensive office/warehouse space attracts many remote and online businesses. Please visit us in Myrtle Beach, where you will be received warmly and will want to stay!
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