Every Vote Counts in Local Elections

23 May 2016

Just how important is it to vote in local elections?

Maury Litwack, Director of State Political Affairs for OU Advocacy, explains in The Five Towns Jewish Times:

There’s nothing like a Presidential election to boost our patriotism and dedication to the political process. But when it comes to improving our daily lives, there’s nothing like a local election.

Think about it: Jewish neighborhoods across the country are growing, so our day schools and yeshivas need more government support to meet rising demands for resources. That means we need to partner with local and state government officials who appreciate the value we bring to our neighborhoods and care about making things better. By electing local leaders who understand and respect our interests, we can guarantee the longevity of vital community institutions.

Problem is, not enough of us know which candidates will best support our communities. So we stand in the voting booth and throw a dart at the ballot, hoping it will land on someone tolerable. Or we figure our vote won’t matter anyway so we don’t vote at all.

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