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Susan Schwartz

Susan Schwartz lives in Chicago, where she is President of the Davka Corporation. In the past 40 years she has worn many hats--social worker, teacher, school principal and office executive, but the most important and well-worn ones are wife, mother and grandmother. And while they all require work, the one that generates the most smiles for her is her role as “Bubbie Ema." Her work has appeared on a number of Jewish websites as well as in various periodicals.

Billable Hours: How Do We Spend Our Time?

September 13, 2011, by

Ask anyone who has had professional contact with an attorney and you will hear about the concept of ‘billable hours’. In lawyer parlance, any time spent on behalf of a client, be it on the phone, in an email, doing research, writing a motion or appearing in court (just to name the basics) is billed

My 35th Wedding Anniversary

October 22, 2009, by

Today was my 35th wedding anniversary. My husband is upstairs in bed, sleeping the deep sleep of a body stricken with the flu. Downstairs, my daughter’s newborn son is sleeping peacefully. His toddler brother is busy destroying something in the living room, and his mother is trying to rest so she will have the strength

Polishing the Diamond

November 20, 2008, by

I don’t think the diamond shone this much when I first put it on my finger 36 years ago. I kept twisting it this way and that, amazed by its brilliance and clarity. It had looked so dull just a few days before, sitting on my finger like an old steady companion, unobtrusive but always

Smart or Lazy?

August 14, 2008, by

Depending on how you look at it, I am either very smart or very lazy. Facing the wedding of my fifth child and the concomitant entertaining that comes with such an occasion (read Shabbos Sheva Brachos for 35); I was faced with a choice. Do I start cooking weeks before (thank God for the freezer),

What the Taxi Driver Told Me…

June 12, 2008, by

Not being accustomed to riding in taxis in the United States, I don’t really know if the experience of driving with an Israeli taxi driver is so unique, but it certainly seems so to me. When one is in Israel, you become part of the greater community; the expression “kol Yisrael areivim zeh lazeh” (all

You Think You Will Never Forget

February 14, 2008, by

You think you will never forget. The first smile, the first step, the funny remark said at the dinner table when they were only 2. You snap pictures, make entries in the baby book, and tell the grandmothers all about the cute comments. And then it happens. My sixth and youngest child came home from