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Rabbi Reuven Spolter

Masei: Names on a List

July 8, 2010, by

When my children grow up, I imagine that one day we’ll look at the old photos and tell them about the places where we lived. “Well, we got married and lived in the Washington Heights. Then we moved to Linden, NJ, and then to West Hartford, CT. From there we moved to Oak Park, MI

Pinchas: A Lasting Legacy

July 1, 2010, by

Last week I officiated at the wedding of an old classmate from grade school. It was great to participate in his wedding, and I enjoyed being a part of their simcha. During the dinner, his mother and I were talking, and she said something that stuck in my mind. She said, “You know, no matter

Korach and Hamas: Sharing PR Tactics

June 10, 2010, by

Following the recent flotilla fiasco facing the IDF last week, Israelis are wondering: Is Everyone Crazy? How is it that only we can appreciate the missiles raining down from Gaza, even today? How can the world watch Hamas continue to vow to destroy Israel, send terrorists to attack civilians, holds Gilad Shalit hostage – and

Teaching the Value of Freedom at the Seder

March 17, 2010, by

Imagine the following Seder “teaching” technique. (Full disclosure: my wife has forbidden me from actually doing this at our Seder this year. Or any year.) After Kiddush, sometime after eating the Karpas and breaking the middle matzah, you turn to one of your children arbitrarily, point to her angrily and say, “Go to your room.