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Rabbi Avi Baumol

1-800 J-U-D-A-I-S-M

November 9, 2006, by

A New Telephone Number Which Brings Israeli Jews Closer Together The brilliance of it lies in its simplicity. A 1-800 number which will provide in one call many types of Jewish services required by any Jew in Israel. Free information, free service, answers with care and love–that is the simple secret to this most successful

מאפלה לאורה – From Gloom to Bright Light

October 26, 2006, by

The Launching of Makom Balev Tzafona 700 faces of kids, bustling with excitement, chanting and singing, waving Israeli flags as well as flags representing the reason for this congregation—Makom Balev. The launching of a new northern front of the OU youth organization Makom Balev is as exciting as camp color war but more meaningful, as

My First Day at Work and in the Field

September 7, 2006, by

Rabbi Avi Baumol Director of the OU communities in Israel, talks about his first day on the job and an exciting OU kiruv program he experienced. When I began working at the OU Israel Center it was like stepping onto a speeding train going a hundred miles an hour; Rabbi Avi Berman as the conductor.