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Rabbi Yikhat Rozen

Merkaz Neria, Kiryat Malachi

The Spring of the Heroes

March 12, 2008, by

A Lesson For the Children – Many years ago, a man named Dervish arrived suddenly in the area of Simyan in Ethiopia. He was an evil man who took control of the entire area, and he commanded the people to eat the flesh of dogs and cats, in addition to other evil decrees. The Jews,

The Groom Who Was Replaced

March 5, 2008, by

A Lesson For the Children – The following is a story about a learned man who was both pious and modest. This Chassid knew that he had a large place reserved for him in the world to come, and he was anxious to know who would share his place with him. He hoped that he

Acknowledging Good

February 28, 2008, by

A Lesson For the Children – Rabbi Saadia had a reputation in Cairo as a great orator. Perhaps he was not considered the greatest rabbi in terms of his halachic rulings and his writings, but people were always eager to hear his sermons, and large crowds gathered in the synagogues when he spoke. This situation

The Girl with the Apple (Part 2)

February 20, 2008, by

A Lesson For the Children – Summary of Part 1: Herman, a small child, managed to survive the Nazi labor camps. He was able to survive the worst part of the ordeal with the help of a young girl who threw him food over the fence. But now the most frightening moment of all had

The Girl with the Apple (Part 1)

February 14, 2008, by

A Lesson For the Children – My name is Herman Rosenblat. I was born in a small village in Poland in 1930, the youngest of four brothers. When I was nine years old, my world started to crumble. The Nazis invaded Poland in 1939, and my family was put into a ghetto. We managed to

The Power of Encouragement

February 6, 2008, by

A Lesson For the Children – A group of frogs left their swamp and went for a tour of the surroundings. Suddenly, two of them fell into a deep pit. All the other frogs gathered around. From down below, they could hear the cries of those who had fallen down: “Help! Help! Help us get

When Gold Caused Harm

January 31, 2008, by

A Lesson For the Children – John Sutter was one of many immigrants who moved to the United States in the nineteenth century. He decided to settle in California, and he set to work with great energy. And he indeed began to succeed. Sutter planted many orchards and he became the main supplier of fruit

The Lost Debt

January 23, 2008, by

A Lesson For the Children – Rabbi Yaakov Berlin, the father of the Netziv of Volozhin, arranged for his daughter to marry Rabbi Yechiel from Noriduk. As was the custom at the time, he set aside a large sum of money as a dowry. The money was very important to the couple, and as was

I Will Command to Give My Blessing

January 16, 2008, by

A Lesson For the Children – In the Shemitta year of 5712 (1951-52), the farmers of Moshav Komemiyut let their land rest and took a full year of vacation. They did not grow anything at all during the year, occupying themselves instead with the study of Torah. Of course, when people do not work for

Staying in the Proper Place

January 10, 2008, by

Yehoshua had a good heart and wanted to be kind to others. He would always look for ways to make the poor people feel closer to him, to show them love, and to share everything he had. One day, Yehoshua’s wife gave birth to a son. As usual, he invited many of his friends and