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Norene Gilletz

A Light and Colorful Summertime Tapestry of Food Memories

June 22, 2006, by

Summertime always brings back memories of my visits “back home” with my family. When my three children (now all married, with families of their own) were young, I would travel to Winnipeg each summer to visit my parents and spend treasured moments with friends and relatives. One of the highlights of my trip was visiting

Shavuot… Such Dairy Good Memories!

May 25, 2006, by

Although Judi Permut lives in Israel and I live in Toronto, we share many common memories despite the fact that we’ve never met. We’re both originally from Winnipeg and we both love to cook. Apparently, our mothers knew each other before Judi’s family made aliya to Israel over 30 years ago. Even our grandparents knew

Memories of Matzo Balls: Chicken Soup for the Bowl!

April 6, 2006, by

My version of the song “Memories” is a bit different than the one Barbra Streisand made famous… Memories Of the chicken soup we ate Misty golden-colored memories, Of the “weigh” we were!   Tasty memories Of Mom’s special matzo balls Light and fluffy in our soup bowl Ah, the “weigh” we were!   Can it

Purim Pleasures Fit for a Queen (or a Jewish Princess!)

March 10, 2006, by

The quest for a recipe for Mohnlach began several weeks ago with a phone call from my mother’s cousin Roy. “Norene, maybe you can help me? I keep thinking about the poppy seed candy my mother used to make for Purim when I was a little boy. I thought if anyone would have the recipe,