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Miriam L. Wallach

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Miriam L. Wallach, M.S. ed, M.A. is the General Manager of The Nachum Segal Network. She began her career with The Network three years ago as a host and producer before moving on to her current position. Miriam is also a frequent contributor on FOX Business and writes the blog “Dear That’s Life,” named for her successful column. She was a successful middle school Language Arts teacher for fifteen years, having been included in Who’s Who in America’s Teachers three years in a row. She and her husband are the proud parents of six children and live in Woodmere, N.Y.

When the Guest You Invite Over is Itzhak Perlman

March 11, 2015, by

Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I have referred to seeing Billy Joel in concert at Madison Square Garden as a spiritual experience. His performance this week was no exception. How else can you explain what it feels like to belt out your favorite song with 20,000 strangers who feel the same way? A lover of many genres of

The Challah Mystique

March 9, 2015, by

I certainly didn’t start my weekly tradition of baking challah due to a lack of kosher bakeries in my neighborhood. Living in the Five Towns (Long Island, NY), one could safely say that there are more kosher food establishments than we know what to do with. Despite that, I have not felt the need to purchase and challah

Dear That’s Life: Can You Hear Me, Caller?

June 26, 2013, by

I think my Bubby called my cell phone last shabbos. The first problem is that she did not leave a message so I do not know for sure. The second issue is that she died 14 years ago. Ironically, the issue of her calling on shabbos is actually not a problem at all.