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Debbie Shapiro

Lasting Horizons

September 7, 2006, by

As I boarded the plane, I was overwhelmed with a strange combination of fright and exhilaration. I was leaving home for the very first time to travel halfway across the United States to attend an all-girls religious high school. I understood that I was taking a step which would irreversibly change my life. No matter

For the Sake of Peace

August 16, 2006, by

Seminary is a time for learning. Many of the lessons, however, cannot be gained from a book. All names have been changed for the sake of privacy. Jerusalem, 1975 The girls in the third floor apartment were constantly bickering. They couldn’t agree on anything – no matter how petty. They argued over whose turn it

Feeling the War

July 27, 2006, by

In Jerusalem, we barely feel the war. All right, the price of vegetables is almost double of what it was a week ago, but other than that, everything appears normal, at least on the surface. My children, however, who live near a high security area in the north, have been spending their days and nights

Growing Pains

June 28, 2006, by

The journey towards a life of Torah and mitzvos is paved with challenges and unexpected inspirational moments; decisions and changes merging into the creation of a new reality – a Torah-true Jew. All names in the following story were changed. Sonya stared at her husband. “Yes, I do want to go. But I’m frightened.” Sonya