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Beyond Potatoes: Meet the Chief Rabbi of Idaho Falls

January 16, 2014, by

With just a passing glance, you might mistake him for a character on one of Comedy Central’s mock news shows, but take a second look.  You really did just pass the chief rabbi of Idaho Falls, walking down a street in lower Manhattan. The honorary chief rabbi, that is. His name is Rabbi Avraham (Avi)

Breast and Ovarian Cancer in Our Community: Genetics, Knowledge and Prevention

January 9, 2014, by

Anna’s aunt was 35 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy.  Anna’s great-grandmother had breast cancer before turning 50.  Anna knew that these facts were spotlights shining on her own genetic makeup, but until she switched doctors last winter, she hadn’t been approached to be tested.  She had

OU Advocacy Educates Jewish Day Schools on Government Funding

January 8, 2014, by

OU Advocacy Hosts Seminar on Maximizing Government Funding for Jewish Day Schools Helps Schools “Not Leave Millions on the Table” Prior to joining OU Advocacy as the Associate Regional Director in Pennsylvania, Michelle Twersky served as a government relations coordinator at a Jewish day school in the Greater New York area. “The fact that this

Does Your Child’s Yeshiva Leave Money on the Table?

January 8, 2014, by

Prior to joining OU Advocacy, the non-partisan public policy arm of the Orthodox Union, as the Associate Regional Director in Pennsylvania, Michelle Twersky served as a government relations coordinator at a Jewish day school in the Greater New York area. “The fact that this school even had a position of government relations coordinator demonstrates how

From the Heart, In the Heart

October 18, 2011, by

The Seymour J. Abrams Orthodox Union Jerusalem World Center, located on Rechov Keren HaYesod in the center of Jerusalem, is a heart pulsing with life and hope for the Jewish people — all Jews, of all ages, of all backgrounds. With the vision and leadership of its Executive Director Rabbi Avi Berman, the OU Israel

A Thousand Teens, One Night

July 26, 2011, by

Bringing more than 1,000 teens together from across North America, Yom NCSY is an annual event where all NCSY summer programs traveling throughout Israel have an opportunity to unite and bond in appreciation for their amazing summer experience. NCSY uses this opportunity to create a venue with VIP status and epic entertainment. The air at

Sensitivity Training for Students

April 6, 2011, by

Last month, the Orthodox Union’s Yachad | Jewish Disabilities Integration/The National Jewish Council for Disabilities (NJCD) sponsored North American Inclusion Month (NAIM). Communities, schools, and organizations across America worked with Yachad staff to educate and focus on promoting the Inclusion of individuals with physical and developmental disabilities within the broad Jewish community. To meet the

A Megillah of Her Own

March 16, 2011, by

There was no hidden meaning behind the appointment of Amanda Esraelian as the 2010-2011 NCSY International Teen President; NCSY | Jewish Youth Leadership is the international youth movement of the Orthodox Union. The ambitious and approachable 17-year-old Roslyn Public High School senior, with an electric personality and zest for life, could write a megillah of

Defining and Defending the NCSY Experience

February 2, 2011, by

In May of 1961, Founding NCSY Conventions were held in the resort communities of Monticello, New York and Miami Beach, Florida. Four teenagers came to those events and never really left — neither they, nor NCSY, would ever be the same again. These four teenagers — who met, married, and stayed involved with NCSY for