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Humility and Honesty: The Antidote to Tisha B’Av

July 20, 2010, by

Rabban Gamliel’s reaction to being replaced as the leader demonstrated humility. This humility was lacking in the story of Kamtza and Bar Kamtza. Presented by Rabbi Steven Burg as part of “Lamenting Our Loss: OU Tisha B’Av Video 5770”. Click here for the audio version

Tisha B’av 5770: The Meaning Behind the Tears

July 16, 2010, by

What happened on Tisha B’Av that caused so many tragedies to occur? An understanding of what the sin of the spies was all about. Join OU board member Charlie Harary for an inspiring spiritual journey into the root of the destruction underlying the most tragic day in Jewish history.

Tisha B’Av 5769: Finding Hope in the Destruction

June 29, 2010, by

Finding Hope in the Destruction Presented by Rabbi Yaakov Glasser. Rabbi Glasser’s shiur is geared towards teenagers, but it is appropriate for adults as well. Tisha B’Av is also called a Mo’ed; it’s not exclusively a sad day when we mourn the Beit HaMikdash. There is also an element that focuses on hope, on the future.

Tisha B’av Kinot 5769: The Tragedy that Transcends Generations

June 29, 2010, by

“The Tragedy that Transcends Generations”: Appreciating the magnitude and tragedy of the destruction of individual Jewish communities, from the Temple’s destruction to Khmelnitsky to the Holocaust. Recorded at Beth Jacob Congregation, Beverly Hills, CA on Thursday, July 30, 2009 as a live webcast by the Orthodox Union. Click here for the audio version.

Jerusalem Connections: In Our Minds and Hearts

June 29, 2010, by

This program aims to inspire each and everyone of us to focus on Yerushalayim and its meaning to the Jewish people so that next year will realize the millennia-old dream of next year in Jerusalem.