The “Blessing” of Sefirat Haomer – Lomdut and Machshava of Rav Moshe Shapiro

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The Rambam emphasizes that if you didn’t say the bracha on Sefirat HaOmer you don’t need to repeat sefirah with a bracha. Rav Moshe Shapiro asks in אפיקי מים: Of course – a bracha is never מעכב? The Machzor Vitry rules that if you counted without a bracha you can repeat sefirah with a bracha. Why – is the bracha part and parcel of the mitzvah?

Why does the תוכחה contained in בחוקותי have to be read right before Shavuot? Why did the students of Rebbe Akiva die during Sefirat HaOmer? What is the connection between the 24,000 students of Rebbe Akiva and the 24,000 casualties in the plague that resulted from the sin of Baal Peor in Sefer Bamidbar?

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