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Jewish Holidays

VaYigdal Moshe on Purim

May 3, 2018, by

זכור את אשר עשה לך עמלק כה:יז Numerous times, the word machar (tomorrow) is mentioned in the context of mechiyas Amaleik (wiping out Amaleik). In parshas Beshalach – the very first time there is a confrontation with Amaleik – Moshe says to Yehoshua, “v’tzei hilacheim ba’Amaleik machar anochi nitzav al rosh ha’givah, go out and […]

The Ultimate V’nahapoch Hu

March 4, 2018, by

Why were the 10 sons of Haman hanged – is there any indication in the Megillah itself? An answer from Rav Yehonatan Eibushitz in the Yaarot Devash. Shiur provided courtesy of Torah Anytime

Charvona is Eliyahu

February 27, 2018, by

According to Chazal, Charvona is Eliyahu which is why we say חרבונה זכור לטוב, as the Gemara always appends to Eliyahu’s name. What does the phrase זכור לטוב mean? (It doesn’t mean זכרונו לברכה since Eliyahu didn’t die).

Blessed Be Haman?

February 26, 2018, by

The Zionist plan appeared to have failed. God had kept His word; He had fulfilled his part of the covenant forged with the patriarchs. Their descendants had inherited the Land of Israel, as He had promised, but the Children of Israel had failed to honor their side of agreement, and the default clauses were set […]

Enhancing Exuberance

February 26, 2018, by

 Shiur provided courtesy of Naaleh.com Adapted by Channie Koplowitz Stein             “Mishenichnas Adar marbin b’simcha/From the arrival of the month on Adar we increase joy.” This well known Chazal seems to be the linchpin for all the Purim festivities. But, as Rabbi Rothberg notes in Moda Labinah.[quoting Rashi] the motto talks not about the one day […]