Purim Katan: Even Greater Than Purim? The Electrifying Revelation of Chasam Sofer

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19 Feb 2019

The Rama quotes the Tur who writes that those who are machmir increase in seudah on Purim Katan and ends off Orach Chaim with the verse “וטוב לב משתה תמיד” – the good of heart are always in a party-like state.

What is the significance of the Rama beginning Orach Chaim with שויתי ה לנגדי תמיד and ending Orach Chaim with וטוב לב משתה תמיד?

The Chida: the two constants for a Jew should be that Hashem is always before us and that should give us a more positive and happy outlook.

What is the nature of the obligation to have a seudah on Purim Katan vs. Shushan Purim?

Chatam Sofer: The source for celebrating Purim is a kal v’chomer: if we celebrate when we were freed from slavery – i.e. Pesach – surely we should do so when our lives were saved. If so, celebrating Purim is a דאורייתא and when it comes to a דאורייתא we say זריזין מקדימין. Thus, celebrating Purim Katan is a דאורייתא! The other aspects of Purim (Megillah, etc.) are only דרבנן.

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