“Purim Fest 1946” and the Ancient Origins of the Megillah Codes

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19 Mar 2019

The Rosh says that when the Jews went to fight their enemies they went to war therefore we fast on Taanit Esther to commemorate that. What is the deeper reason? Why isn’t Hashem’s name mentioned in the megillah? The Ben Yehoyada says that Haman’s threat was never abolished completely. All we can do is to try to nullify the threat. The allusion to the years 1648 and 1946 in the Megillah. When Achashverosh asks Esther what is her request (the second time, without the caveat of up to half the kingdom) why does she ask the king to hang the ten sons of Haman – they’re already dead!

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Shiur provided courtesy of Torah Anytime
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