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Jewish Holidays

Tisha b’Av and the 20th century

July 12, 2021, by

Mourning is a deeply personal and emotional experience. Merely “going through the motions” without authentic inner sadness yields a listless and empty experience. Mourning ancient tragedies of Jewish history on Tisha b’Av can be challenging in that way. It has historically been a daunting challenge since we lament events which transpired in the distant past. […]

Haftarah Helper: Fast Days (Ashkenazim)

Download PDF Fast Days (Ashkenazim): Isaiah 55:6–56:8 Ashkenazim read this Haftarah at Mincha on all fast days except for Yom Kippur.  (Sepharadim generally recite no Haftarah on these days.) This is done to encourage the giving of charity, which the Talmud deems the most important aspect of fast days: Tosafot on Megillah 21a-  s.v. “One […]