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Jewish Holidays

The Melody of Pain

July 20, 2018, by

Tisha B’Av has always been a challenge for me. References to the human dimensions of the tragedies described in Eichah and the kinos touch some emotional chords, but the core of Tisha B’Av is mourning a spiritual loss. The focus of our sadness is supposed to be the destruction of the Temples and the resulting […]

VaYigdal Moshe on Tisha b’Av

July 19, 2018, by

איסור שאלת שלום בתשעה באב The Rambam seems to have a unique shitah regarding the prohibition of greetings on a full-fledged taanis. The Mishna in Maseches Taanis (12b) says that, after the fasts (over lack of rains) have passed, if the community’s prayers have still not been answered, a number of prohibitions come into effect, […]

Tisha B’Av and Mashiach: What Mourning Says About Our Destiny

July 15, 2018, by

On Tisha B’Av, we read the Book of Eicha, but we don’t really read it, we sing it. We sing it with a mournful melody. Eicha is a book written by the prophet Jeremiah to lament the destruction of Jerusalem, the destruction of the Temple, the destruction of the entire Kingdom of Judah. The mournful […]

Tisha B’Av: Is This Ancient Tragedy Still Meaningful?

July 10, 2018, by

Tisha B’Av. Look at how we observe this day. Why Do We Mourn The Ancient Tragedy Of Tisha B’av? We sit on the ground, surrounded sometimes by candles. We sing elegies written centuries ago. We mourn the deaths of people we could never have known. We mourn the loss of a Temple we have never […]

Baseless Hatred: The Great Tisha b’Av Crime

June 20, 2018, by

So, I confess, I have always had a real problem with Tisha B’Av. I know that sounds terrible to say but here’s my issue, we all know the famous saying quoted from the Talmud: The temple was only destroyed because of sinat chinam, baseless hatred. Does Anyone Truly Feel Baseless Hatred? So if there is […]