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Rabbi Shalom Hammer

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Yerusha & Nachala of the Land

September 11, 2017, by

There are no guarantees that we will be secure in Eretz Yisrael. The only way we can be successful in Eretz Yisrael is when we identify with our heritage. Sleepless Sermon for the Nine Days by Rabbi Shalom Hammer

Yom HaShoah 5768

September 10, 2017, by

We don’t necessarily have to come to terms with and understand everything that occurs; we have to realize that Hashem guides historic events. Rabbi Shalom Hammer’s Sleepless Sermon for Yom HaShoah

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

September 10, 2017, by

Even when redemption is unclear and incomplete, we are still expected to believe that Hashem is somehow revealing the redemption slowly but surely. Rabbi Shalom Hammer’s Sleepless Sermon for Yom Haatzmaut 5769

Pesach: Time of Renewal

September 10, 2017, by

Pesach is a time of renewal, it occurs in the spring, the annual time of renewal and is when we left Egypt and became a nation. But at the same time we place emphasis on the past. Rabbi Shalom Hammer’s Sleepless Sermon for Pesach 5769

Preservation Through Fire

September 10, 2017, by

The challenge of our generation is the preservation of Jewish Identity. The Jewish people were created by fire and binds us as 1 force. Sleepless Sermon for Pesach 5769