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Presenting the New OU Torah!
Have you seen the new OU Torah web site and app? Well, if you haven’t, you should absolutely check it out! Last week, OU Torah revealed the newest iteration of
Nov 14, 2019
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
New Beginnings
As I write this – and, hopefully, as you read this – we are in the immediate wake of the Tishrei holidays. These range from Rosh Hashana, which marks the
Oct 23, 2019
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
Now’s the Time to Go From Shabbos to Yom...
You’ve no doubt noticed that we here at OU Torah are big fans of daily learning programs. We have Daf Yomi (with all of its wonderful supplementary programs) to help
Sep 19, 2019
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
Completing the Talmud in a Displaced Persons Camp, 1945
“We were only a few broken Jews with two books, but…the day of the Siyum HaShas was my day of victory, the day of victory for all survivors, and the
Aug 19, 2019
By Henry Abramson, PhD
Get to Know Your Fathers
The Mishnaic tractate of Avos (or Avot) – commonly referred to as “Ethics of the Fathers” – is a most atypical tractate, dealing with matters of ethics and good character
Jul 31, 2019
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
OU Torah Welcomes the Taragins
OU Torah is pleased to announce the addition of Rabbi Reuven and Shani Taragin to its line-up of maggidei shiur. Rabbi Taragin is the Dean of Overseas Students at Yeshivat
Jun 27, 2019
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
Want to Lose Weight? Start Daf Yomi Now. (Guest...
All we really know is her name: Yirmatia. We don’t know when or where she lived, other than sometime before the second century, and somewhere in the ancient Middle East.
Jun 11, 2019
By Henry Abramson, PhD
Rabbi Ashear Returns, And This Time He’s in Audio!
From 2016 to 2017, OU Torah ran 33 installments in a series called Daily Emunah by Rabbi David Ashear. (It wasn’t daily on OU Torah but the content was taken,
Jun 5, 2019
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
OU Daf Yomi Initiative Presents New Jewish History Series...
    Jewish History in Daf Yomi is written and produced by Dr. Henry Abramson, Dean of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences in Flatbush. Dr. Abramson received his doctorate
Apr 17, 2019
By OU Staff
When the Seders are Over – What Next?
If you’ve been on the OU web site since Purim – and if you’re reading this, then you certainly have – you’ve probably noticed a lot of material to help
Apr 12, 2019
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

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