Presenting the New OU Torah!

Have you seen the new OU Torah web site and app? Well, if you haven’t, you should absolutely check it out!

Last week, OU Torah revealed the newest iteration of its web site, featuring a cleaner, sleeker look with improved ease of access to all the great shiurim. Previously, OU Torah featured rows of tiles highlighting the newest content, plus separate sliders for the weekly parsha and each category of daily learning – Daf, Nach, Mishna, Halacha and Mitzvot. This was easy enough to navigate but there was quite a lot of material to take in.

The new OU Torah now displays a slider of currently-featured content, a parsha slider and one slider for all of OU Torah‘s daily Torah-study programs. Frankly, it looks great and it’s so easy to use.

Now, we get that when a web site changes, and things aren’t exactly the way they used to be, there can be something of a learning curve in which regulars might have a little difficulty finding what they’re looking for. This brings us to what I think is the best part: the search function of the new site is just so powerful! Seriously, just look at these results: ————->

Isn’t that something? Seriously, why even stumble around looking for something? Just tell OU Torah what you want and let it do the work!

And that’s not all! OU Torah simultaneously revealed a new app – equally clean and powerful! If you’re an app user – and, again, if you’re not, you absolutely should be! – make sure you update it on your phone or other mobile device in order to reap all the benefits.

Visit OU Torah or and download the OU Torah app for iOS and Android.