OU Daf Yomi Initiative Presents New Jewish History Series With Henry Abramson

17 Apr 2019
Torah Blog

Jewish History in Daf Yomi is written and produced by Dr. Henry Abramson, Dean of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences in Flatbush. Dr. Abramson received his doctorate in history from the University of Toronto, the first PhD in Ukrainian-Jewish history presented since the Chair of Ukrainian Studies was established there. He has held appointments at a number of prestigious institutions, including Oxford University, Cornell University, Harvard University and Hebrew University.

The new series will delve into biographies, culture, geography, numismatics and other realia. The goal is to cover the entire seven-and-a-half year cycle – 2,711 videos in all.    

As Jewish History in Daf Yomi begins at the start of tractate Bechoros, it is fitting that the series’ initial topic is a discussion of why Talmudic tractates traditionally begin on page two (shiur posted above). Other topics like currency used in the Talmud and life for converts provide a fascinating glimpse into what life was like during Talmudic times. 

Whether you’re a regular follower of Daf Yomi or not, you’ll find that this accessible series provides a 360-degree view of the Gemara through a level of detail that is rarely presented alongside the study of the daily daf 

Jewish History in Daf Yomi will IY”H be found on each Daf Yomi page beginning with Bechoros 2. You can see all entries in the series to date here.

Questions and comments about the new Jewish History in Daf Yomi series can be directed to the OU Daf Yomi Initiative’s Director, Rabbi Moshe Schwed, at schwedm@ou.org.