Rabbi Ashear Returns, And This Time He’s in Audio!

From 2016 to 2017, OU Torah ran 33 installments in a series called Daily Emunah by Rabbi David Ashear. (It wasn’t daily on OU Torah but the content was taken, with permission, from Rabbi Ashear’s “Daily Emunah” email.) It was a popular series as long as it ran but then it stopped abruptly. We would have liked to continue it but the emails stopped coming and the web site from which they originated was gone. Not only that, we had no contact information for Rabbi Ashear and people looking to contact him through the 33 existing entries continued to constitute a surprisingly large percentage of our online inquiries.

Flash forward to 2019, when OU Torah received a message from Rabbi Ashear on an unrelated matter. Returning the message, your humble Torah editor said, “As long as we’ve got you on the line…” and went on to explain all of the above to Rabbi Ashear with an eye towards restarting the series.

Not only was Rabbi Ashear supportive of renewing the Daily Emunah series, he took it to the next level by providing us with short, inspirational messages in a new audio format. So now we can get inspiration from Rabbi Ashear not only in his own words but also in his own voice!

Okay, it’s still not quite daily but we are running two or three installments a week. To date, we have posted inspirational thoughts on The Great Gift of Being ShamedNo One Can Harm You (Unless God Wills It), Having a Relationship with Hashem and Balancing the Books with plenty more to come. So check out these new audio shiurim, the original text pieces, or both! And if you’d like to subscribe to Rabbi Ashear’s email or contact him, the new web site and contact information now appear on each edition of Daily Emunah!

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