The OU’s Taryag Email Returns May 1

18 Apr 2023
Torah Blog

As you are no doubt aware, OU Torah offers a lot of great daily emails. Among these are:

Each of these emails includes a text synopsis of the material in English by OU Torah editor Rabbi Jack Abramowitz and a link to the OU Torah web site where subscribers can access the text in the original Hebrew and (except for HaShoneh Halachos) a shiur on the day’s lesson from a variety of popular maggidei shiur.

And, while not from OU Torah, OU Kosher offers the popular Halacha Yomis daily email!

But we still get asked, “Can you sign me up for the Taryag email?”

When this happens, we must tearfully explain that the daily email on the 613 mitzvos doesn’t run each Taryag cycle. Yes, the articles are always available online but the email was last seen two years ago.

But now, by popular demand, the Taryag daily email is back! The new Taryag daily email, with insights on each mitzvah based on the Sefer HaChinuch, will go out every day except for Shabbos and yom tov. As an added bonus, each daily email will contain a link to the analogous shiur on OU Torah from Rabbi Shalom Rosner on Sefer HaMitzvos.

So sign up now because Mitzvah #1 is scheduled for Monday, May 1! (If you want to subscribe to any of our other emails, you can also do that here!)

If you’d prefer to get your mitzvos in book form, check out The Taryag Companion on OU Press!