Notable News for Nach Newcomers, Novices and Neophytes

It’s that time again!

You may have read how Mishna Yomit – the study of two mishnayos a day – just restarted its six-year cycle. Well, on January 20, Nach Yomi is about to do the same!

Daf Yomi is a seven-year program to finish the Babylonian Talmud; Mishna Yomit is a six-year program to complete all of Mishna. While these are certainly achievable goals embraced by many, many participants, some people may balk at such long-term commitments. With Nach Yomi, participants can complete all of Nach – the books of Neviim (Prophets) and Kesuvim (Writings) – in a mere two years at the rate of a chapter a day. Anyone can do it! With Nach Yomi and parsha study, every Jew can master Tanach, our most foundational book.

Nach Yomi is truly OU Torah‘s flagship program. Way back in 2007, OU Torah put the daily study of Nach on the map. The OU’s Shoshana Grossman Nach Yomi provides a daily audio shiur from a renowned lecturer, the text of the daily chapter in Hebrew and English, and The Nach Yomi Companion – an acclaimed synopsis of the daily chapter in the vernacular. In 2020, we did it again with Torat Imecha Nach Yomi from the OU Women’s Initiative. Torat Imecha Nach Yomi provides daily shiurim from renowned women teachers of Torah, plus the text in Hebrew and English. And Nach Yomi keeps getting better!

First off, we encourage you to download the new calendar checklist for the 2022-2024 Nach Yomi cycle, courtesy of OU Torah and the OU Women’s Initiative! With this handy chart, you can track your progress from Yehoshua (Joshua) through Divrei HaYamim (Chronicles).

Second, have you seen the beautiful new designs of our Shnayim Mikra, Mishna Yomit and HaShoneh Halachos daily emails? Well, Nach Yomi has a beautiful redesign, too, starting with our new cycle! Sign up for the Nach Yomi daily email and have the Nach Yomi Companion synopsis delivered straight to your inbox, along with links to both Nach Yomi and Torat Imecha Nach Yomi shiurim! (You can sign up for all of those daily Torah emails and more here.)

Speaking of the shiurim, Torat Imecha Nach Yomi has a line-up of all-new shiurim planned for the coming cycle! (And keep in mind that while these are women teachers, the Torat Imecha Nach Yomi is not intended as a program “for women.” Sure, it’s incredibly popular among women but to paraphrase the old soap commercial, men like it, too!)

It’s too soon to announce because it’s still in progress but there’s an excellent chance that we’ll be introducing a new text and translation to Nach Yomi – stay tuned for more about that!

Also coming soon – a new OU Women’s Initiative app! This new app will feature Torat Imecha Nach Yomi and other Women’s Initiative programs, including Torat Imecha Parsha, Ideas and Inspiration, and more – an easy go-to for the shiurim you love!

And don’t forget our other great Nach programs, including Nach Yomi in Depth, Rabbi Rosner on Nach, A Journey Through Nach and more – all of which can help you master the material presented in the daily-study programs!

So join us on January 20 and claim the text that is rightfully yours on OU Torah or by using the OU Torah app for iOS and Android! And if you’ve already done Nach Yomi… do it again with another teacher! There are many facets to Nach study just waiting for you to discover them!