Something to Say at the Seder 5784

It’s that time of year! With Purim in the rearview mirror, we are busily barreling towards Pesach and all that that entails. As is normally the case, people are flocking to OU Holidays for information and inspiration on the upcoming chag, including meaningful insights that can be shared at the Seder. One of the most popular sources of such material comes each year from Rabbi Aaron E. Glatt, MD.

Since 5768, Rabbi Dr. Glatt has been delivering an acclaimed annual yahrtzeit shiur for his father, Mr. Joseph Glatt (Yosef Nisan ben Yechezkel a”h), entitled Something to Say at the Seder. This year’s shiur will be held Sunday evening, April 14, at the Young Israel of Woodmere. (A recording of the shiur will be posted IY”H to OU Holidays alongside earlier years’ shiurim.)

Rabbi Glatt is an acclaimed teacher of Torah and presenter of the Dirshu Mishnah Brurah Yomi series that appears on OU Torah (and which is now available on a handy flash drive from OU Press!). Last year, Rabbi Glatt also delivered a special shiur on Pesach Medical Halacha.

Join Rabbi Glatt for Something to Say at the Seder and enhance your Pesach experience! Return to OU Holidays regularly for information and inspiration on Pesach, Sefrias HaOmer, Shavuos and the rest of the calendar!

Download full details on this year’s shiur here.