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Rabbi Twerski’s Rosh Hashanah Plea for Proper Synagogue Decorum is Featured in OU’s Jewish Action

August 24, 2007, by

At a time of year in which Jews spend many hours in the synagogue, the Orthodox Union has issued a heartfelt plea for proper decorum during davening by making available “A Rosh Hashanah Message” from Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski and the OU. The message is being published in the Fall issue of Jewish Action, the OU’s quarterly magazine, and is being sent to the hundreds of OU shuls throughout North America for widespread distribution to congregants.

How to Blow the Shofar

August 24, 2007, by

Few people become really proficient at blowing the shofar. The Talmud (Shabbat 117b) refers to blowing the shofar as “chochmah ve-einah melachah”—a skill, rather than hard work—but mastering it does demand a lot of intensive practice.

NCSY and Birthright Israel Make a Shidduch: How Yaakov and Tovah Found Judaism and Each Other

August 22, 2007, by

On Thursday, August 30, Jake Freedman, 25 and Tovah Schafer, 23 will be married in an Orthodox ceremony in Teaneck, NJ. Less than two years ago, neither one of them could have imagined making the choices that led them to each other, nor to the kind of home they now plan to build. As their wedding day approaches, this is the story of the long and sometimes winding road that led them to the chuppah:

Brooklyn BP Marty Markowitz to Sponsor OU’s Virtual Job Fair II, Set for August 29

August 17, 2007, by

The Orthodox Union announced today that Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz is a sponsor of the Orthodox Union’s Virtual Job Fair II, to be held Wednesday, August 29 at OU Headquarters in Manhattan. The Fair, which is directed at the unemployed and those seeking better positions, is offered free of charge to both candidates and employers.

Taking the Show to LA: 3 Day OU Halachic Adventure Wins Raves

August 17, 2007, by

It was called the Three-Day Los Angeles Halachic Adventure, and was devoted to exploring “The Mesorah (tradition) of Kosher Birds and Animals” through lectures, food tasting and site visits for kosher professionals, but don’t let the “Los Angeles” designation fool you – the impact of the event held earlier this month at OU West Coast Region headquarters, the Prime Grill Restaurant in Beverly Hills, and processing plants in Oxnard, Fullerton and Corona, went far beyond the confines of Southern California.

OU L.A. Conference Prepares Synagogue Prayer Leaders for the New Year

August 16, 2007, by

Just days before the stirring melodies of the High Holy Days resonate throughout synagogues worldwide, the West Coast Region of the Orthodox Union will present a conference directed at “The Shliach Tzibur and the Entire Community,” to guide those who lead the synagogue services in the halachot (laws) of tefilla (prayer) and, at the same time, to help them and their congregations achieve the proper mindset before Rosh Hashanah.

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