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OU Rabbis Go to Wall Street to Explain Why Bulls Are Kosher and Bears Are Not

April 23, 2007, by

In the weeks to come, starting Wednesday, May 9, rabbis from the Orthodox Union Kosher Division will visit the headquarters of Credit Suisse, American Express, Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, and it will not be to check on their portfolios. They will be guests of Center for Return’s growing Corporate Torah Entitlement Program, which provides lunchtime seminars to corporate professionals. The OU will discuss kosher observance, explaining such matters as why some animals are kosher and others are not, and by doing so, help Center for Return bring these up-and-coming executives closer to their Jewish heritage.

OU to Formally Dedicate Israel’s Beit Reuven Outreach Center on April 29

April 19, 2007, by

With the help of the Rudman Family and the Orthodox Union, learning about our Jewish heritage has become much easier in the Israeli city of Ramat Hasharon. Thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Idelle Rudman, the Orthodox Union’s highly successful outreach program in Ramat Hasharon for non-observant Israelis will be formally dedicated as Beit Reuven, in memory of her late husband, Rabbi Dr. Reuben Moshe Rudman a’h’, on April 29.

NCSY Home Hospitality Reunion for Young Alumni Set for May 4-5 in Passaic

April 19, 2007, by

Alumni of Orthodox Union programs, including all regions of NCSY, “birthright israel,” and the Jewish Student Union (JSU) are being welcomed back into the company of their old friends. Those alumni who graduated from their programs in the last ten years are invited to a free Shabbaton in New Jersey, Friday, May 4-Saturday, May 5 that promises to be a spiritually rewarding experience and a fun time as well.

An NCSY Alumnus from LI Plays in the News Israel Baseball League

April 18, 2007, by

When Leon Feingold was active in the NCSY chapter at the Hewlett-East Rockaway Jewish Center on Long Island some 15 years ago and more, his fellow teens looked up to him, which is natural because he was six feet, six inches tall, and weighed more than 225 pounds. To baseball fans in the youth program, he looked like the prototypical fastball pitcher, the guy who can fire a baseball at 90 MPH and above and dare the batter to hit it.

OU & Tribune Co. Affiliate to Place Cents-Off Coupon Inserts in Major Newspapers Nationwide

April 17, 2007, by

For the first time in the months to come, a weekend advertising insert with cents-off coupons will be “OU certified,” as it appears in major newspapers nationwide with the famed Kosher symbol displayed on every product. The inserts are a program of the Orthodox Union and Forum Publishing Group, a media company wholly owned by the Sun-Sentinel Company of South Florida, which in turn is owned by the Tribune Company of Chicago.

OU West Coast to Present Synagogue Leadership Outreach Seminar, Sunday, April 22, in LA

April 13, 2007, by

In recognition by the Orthodox Union of the immediate need for kiruv (outreach) to the unaffiliated and marginally affiliated in the Jewish community, the OU will bring its expanding kiruv initiative to Los Angeles with a special OU Synagogue Leadership Seminar on outreach to be held in memory of Emanuel Stern a”h”, at OU West Coast Headquarters, 9831 West Pico Boulevard, Sunday, April 22, 5:00-8:00 p.m.

OU Awards Grants of Up To $20,000 to Three Synagogues for Outreach Proposals

March 30, 2007, by

Three Orthodox Union congregations in different parts of the country will receive grants of up to $20,000 for proposing outreach initiatives to deal with the problem of assimilation and non-involvement in the Jewish community. The synagogues are Congregation Beth Israel Abraham & Voliner in Overland Park, KS, Rabbi David Fine, for the proposal, “There’s No Place Like Home”; The Young Israel of New Rochelle, in suburban New York City, Rabbi Reuven Fink, for “Inreach and Outreach”; and Baron Hirsch Congregation, Memphis Tennessee, Rabbi Shai Finkelstein, for “Bring Shabbat Home.”

In NCSY Maimonidies Scholars Program, Yeshiva Teens Pair With Public School Peers

March 30, 2007, by

The Maimonides Scholars Program, an innovative initiative now in progress under the auspices of the OU’s West Coast NCSY and its public school offshoot, the Jewish Student Union (JSU), is bringing the atmosphere of higher education – in which young scholars receive fellowships to continue their work — to Los Angeles area high school students, both boys and girls, with each participant receiving $10 a week for the ten-week program.

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