Meeting of Kosher Organizations at the OU Tackles Monsey Scandal and Humane Slaughter Controversy

November 21, 2006, by

Faced with substantial challenges that have rocked the kosher industry in the past two years, even as growth in sales continues at a 15 percent annual rate, the Chicago-based Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO) held the annual meeting last Thursday that follows the giant KosherFest show in New York. The all-day gathering took place in the Manhattan offices of the Orthodox Union, and was attended by dozens of AKO member representatives from across the United States, from England, and even from Australia.

OU Kosher Announces Debut of OU Direct, to Provide Vast Quanitities of Information to OU Companies

November 10, 2006, by

The message from the Orthodox Union Kosher Division is as clear as it can be: “Managing Your Account Has Never Been Simpler.” The source of this management wizardry is, the new six-part website designed to provide a vast amount of information to companies certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. After a period of testing, OU Direct went online this week.

OU Dismayed by Gay Pride Parade to Be Held in Jerusalem

November 9, 2006, by

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America is profoundly offended by the “Gay Pride” parade scheduled for this Friday in the Holy City of Jerusalem, Israel. Torah observant Jews cannot be silent as those who flout the word of God provocatively choose to stage this event in Judaism’s holiest city.

A Powerful Video Shows the Aftermath of War in Israel and the OU’s Vigorous Response

November 3, 2006, by

The video begins with the sounds and pictures of war, with images of smoke and fire, of missiles falling, of buildings destroyed, of bomb shelters packed and people weeping – children and adults alike – all to the accompaniment of the sounds of big guns. These images are real, photographed by Israelis during the war against Hezbollah this summer, as missiles fell all over the north of Israel, traumatizing the populace.