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OU Announces: Sderot Shabbat Campaign Surpasses Fundraising Goal for Providing Emergency Services

October 9, 2007, by

The Orthodox Union announced today that its goal of raising $250,000 on Sderot Shabbat, June 9 (Parshat Shelach), has been surpassed by $85,000 with the total continuing to increase. The fundraising campaign was held in OU congregations across North America with the support of the Rabbinical Council of America to provide emergency relief for the residents of Sderot, who are attacked on a regular basis by Kassam rockets fired by terrorists from Gaza. Synagogues, schools and individuals have contributed generously to the campaign.

Simchat Torah Approaching, OU Once Again Warns Against Excessive Drinking, Zero Tolerance for Youth

October 1, 2007, by

The Orthodox Union, which has taken the lead in combating teenage drinking in the Orthodox community – with special efforts being made at Purim – and has done likewise with adults, criticizing the concept of the “Kiddush Club,” has now turned its attention to Simchat Torah. The holiday, which marks the end of the annual Torah cycle and the beginning of the next cycle, features dancing with the Torahs and festivities, which often include alcohol.

Rabbi Bini Maryles of North Woodmere Joins OU as Director of Department of Synagogue Services

September 25, 2007, by

Ever since Rabbi Bini Maryles, former spiritual leader of the Young Israel of North Woodmere, joined the Orthodox Union in July as the new director of the Pepa and Rabbi Joseph Karasick Department of Synagogue Services, the phone has not stopped ringing. OU communities across North America call daily with questions on Jewish law, fundraising, membership, conflict resolution, contracts, and other congregational issues.

OU Thanksgiving Mission to Israel, Nov 19-25, Participants to Show Solidarity with Sderot Residents

September 18, 2007, by

To offer an insider’s perspective into the land of Israel and the role of the OU there, particularly when Israelis are suffering, the Orthodox Union announced today that its second mission of the year, the OU Thanksgiving Mission — Monday, November 19 to Sunday, November 25 — will feature a visit to Sderot. The dual purpose is to bring comfort and consolation to the people of Sderot while demonstrating to mission participants the OU’s programs on behalf of the city’s beleaguered population, faced frequently with barrages of Kassam rockets.

West Coast OU Announces Women’s Torah Network to Continue Longstanding Netivot Programming

September 18, 2007, by

The West Coast Region of the Orthodox Union announced today that the women’s education program Netivot, will now operate under OU auspices as the newly formed Women’s Torah Network, in which it will continue offering innovative Torah programming for women of all ages. Netivot, founded and led by Irine Schweitzer, has been running Torah classes for women for almost 10 years.

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