OU To Offer Online Classes in Basic Living Judaism; First Class is September 15

20 Aug 2009

On behalf of the the OU in conjunction with Project Sinai, you can now participate in a series of live, interactive online classes focusing on traditional and contemporary issues. Each hour-long class is fully interactive where you may ask questions in real time via chat to the presenter. This program is geared for all levels of knowledge, with the goal of providing an opportunity to explore key aspects of living Judaism. A certificate of completion will be awarded upon the conclusion of this September -December Fall Series.

All classes start at 9:00 pm EST

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Sundays in December

Fundamental Symbolism of Judaism

December 6:
The Concept of “Keeping Kosher by: Rabbi Yisroel Bendelstein”
December 13:
Chanukah: Why Giving is the Best Gift
December 20:
Understanding Sabbath Rituals: Candle-lighting, Kiddush (Blessing Over Wine), Hamotzi (Blessing Over Bread), The Sabbath Meal, etc. by Lori Palatnik

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Past Series

Sundays in November

Connecting to God

November 8:
Rabbi Jonathan Rietti”>Twittering to God: Rabbi Jonathan Rietti
November 15:
Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin”>Making Prayers Personal and Meaningful: Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin
November 22:
Ask the Rabbi Any Questions That You’ve Always Had!: Rabbi Mordechai Becher”>Ask the Rabbi Any Questions That You’ve Always Had! Rabbi Mordechai Becher

(You may e-mail questions in advance to community@ou.org by November 30th or ask during the class.)

Tuesdays in October

The Spiritual Dimension of Judaism

October 13:
You Don’t Look Jewish! Jewish Identity and Identification: Rabbi Label Lam
October 20:
What Does It Mean to be Jewish?: Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin
October 27:
The Economy, Unemployment, Homelessness, and God. Who’s to Blame? How Do You Have Faith in a God Who Allows All of These Things to Happen?: Rabbi Mordechai Becher

Tuesdays in September

The High Holidays: What Does It All Mean . . . ? Is It More than Apples and Honey?

September 15:
What are the High Holidays, and What Do They Have to Do With Me?
September 22:
To Forgive or Not to Forgive? By Rabbi Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin
September 29:
The Secrets for Strengthening Personal Relationships . . . Neighbors, Spouse, Relatives, Friends, and . . . God