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OU Calls on Domestic Airlines to Provide Kosher Meals and Snacks For Sale on Board

September 7, 2007, by

In its role as “the premier source for all kosher needs,” and in response to complaints by travelers that kosher food is no longer an option on domestic flights, the Orthodox Union Kosher Division today called on eight major domestic airlines to make kosher meals and snacks available for purchase on their flights, just as the airlines offered a kosher option when meals were included in the cost of a ticket. Since the airlines stopped providing the free meals, kosher passengers either must bring meals on board with them, or have nothing to eat on flights, even those of transcontinental length.

A Sweet, Sweet Year

August 31, 2007, by

In these days of the month of Elul, we are already wishing each other Shanah Tovah u-Metukah, a “good and sweet new year.” To many, this may seem like just a trivial, perhaps even an empty greeting—but it’s just the right thing to say at this time of year. But obviously it has a deeper and more profound meaning; expressing the wish of each of us that others, individually, and the Jewish people as a community, will experience a new year that is indeed good and sweet.

OU Extends Job Board to Israel to Help English-Speakers Find Work

August 24, 2007, by

In an initiative to help English-speakers find jobs in Israel, the Orthodox Union Job Board, which has already placed hundreds of people in jobs across North America, has expanded its horizons to Israel and now lists 25 Israeli employers on its website, www.ou.org/jobs. “This list is growing rapidly,” declared Michael Rosner, Director of the Job Board. “Almost 100 jobs were made available in a matter of days.”

Rabbi Twerski’s Rosh Hashanah Plea for Proper Synagogue Decorum is Featured in OU’s Jewish Action

August 24, 2007, by

At a time of year in which Jews spend many hours in the synagogue, the Orthodox Union has issued a heartfelt plea for proper decorum during davening by making available “A Rosh Hashanah Message” from Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski and the OU. The message is being published in the Fall issue of Jewish Action, the OU’s quarterly magazine, and is being sent to the hundreds of OU shuls throughout North America for widespread distribution to congregants.

How to Blow the Shofar

August 24, 2007, by

Few people become really proficient at blowing the shofar. The Talmud (Shabbat 117b) refers to blowing the shofar as “chochmah ve-einah melachah”—a skill, rather than hard work—but mastering it does demand a lot of intensive practice.

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