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OU Calls on Its Synagogues to Engage in Prayer and Study for the Sake of Jerusalem

October 19, 2007, by

In the wake of public statements by American, Israeli and Palestinian officials calling into question the fate of Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish People, the Orthodox Union today called on its synagogue network and its NCSY youth program to undertake major efforts, including those of a spiritual nature, to protect the city. At the same time, the OU is playing a major role in creating a political coalition, going beyond the Jewish community, to prevent compromises on Jerusalem from being made at the proposed Israel-Palestinian peace summit in Annapolis this fall.

Survey Finds OU the Clear Leader in Kosher Certification

October 17, 2007, by

Amid the explosive growth of the U.S. kosher food industry in recent years, a new survey has found the OU symbol of the Orthodox Union to be consumers’ preferred kosher certification in the packaged goods marketplace. Jewish respondents consistently named OU their top choice for ensuring the food they purchase meets the most stringent kosher certification, while non-Jews perceived the OU to signify the highest level of product safety and cleanliness.

Coffee Talk: NCSY Latte and Learning Sessions Bring Teens to Torah Across North America

October 16, 2007, by

Across North America, week after week, hundreds of Jewish teens flock to their local Starbucks and similar coffee houses to sip free lattes and to learn Torah from NCSY rabbis. The teens are part of a program called Latte and Learning that invites middle and high schoolers to discuss the relevance of Torah in secular life. The programs are led by dynamic speakers who share a perspective on Jewish identity, offering an open and interactive discussion for Jewish teens to ask their questions and to voice their opinions. For many Jewish teens, this is their only source of Jewish nourishment.

Election Day in NJ: OU’s Yachad/NJCD to Present Education Conferences

October 15, 2007, by

Once again this year, Election Day in New Jersey will be an opportunity for teachers in New Jersey Jewish Day Schools as well as for their counterparts from around the country to improve their skills, as Yachad/National Jewish Council for Disabilities (NJCD), an affiliate of the Orthodox Union, presents two high-level conferences.

To Strengthen Family Life, OU Presents Positive Jewish Relationships as a Shabbat Program, Nov 2-3

October 11, 2007, by

Adding to its roster of programs to strengthen the Jewish family, the Orthodox Union, in conjunction with the West Side Institutional Synagogue, will present Positive Jewish Relationships, Friday evening, November 2 and Saturday, November 3. The event will be held at the synagogue, 120 West 76 Street (between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues) in Manhattan, and is open to the synagogue community and to the general public.

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