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West Coast OU Announces Women’s Torah Network to Continue Longstanding Netivot Programming

September 18, 2007, by

The West Coast Region of the Orthodox Union announced today that the women’s education program Netivot, will now operate under OU auspices as the newly formed Women’s Torah Network, in which it will continue offering innovative Torah programming for women of all ages. Netivot, founded and led by Irine Schweitzer, has been running Torah classes for women for almost 10 years.

OU Grant Recepient, Young Israel of New Rochelle, to Offer Pre-Yom Kippur Class, September 18

September 11, 2007, by

With outreach in mind, the Young Israel of New Rochelle, which earlier this year was the recipient of a $20,000 grant from the Orthodox Union for its kiruv (outreach) initiative to the wider Jewish community, will present a pre-Yom Kippur class, “Mystical Insights from Our Sages.” The program will be held at the synagogue, 1228 North Avenue, on Tuesday, September 18 at 8:00 p.m.

OU Calls on Domestic Airlines to Provide Kosher Meals and Snacks For Sale on Board

September 7, 2007, by

In its role as “the premier source for all kosher needs,” and in response to complaints by travelers that kosher food is no longer an option on domestic flights, the Orthodox Union Kosher Division today called on eight major domestic airlines to make kosher meals and snacks available for purchase on their flights, just as the airlines offered a kosher option when meals were included in the cost of a ticket. Since the airlines stopped providing the free meals, kosher passengers either must bring meals on board with them, or have nothing to eat on flights, even those of transcontinental length.

A Sweet, Sweet Year

August 31, 2007, by

In these days of the month of Elul, we are already wishing each other Shanah Tovah u-Metukah, a “good and sweet new year.” To many, this may seem like just a trivial, perhaps even an empty greeting—but it’s just the right thing to say at this time of year. But obviously it has a deeper and more profound meaning; expressing the wish of each of us that others, individually, and the Jewish people as a community, will experience a new year that is indeed good and sweet.

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