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30 Mar 2011

Earlier this week, I sent out an open “thank you” letter to the Team OU members who ran the exceptional programming that filled the weekend of March 27. Just to recap, special recognition goes to:

Elaine Grossman for spearheading the very successful OU National Dinner. The dinner was a very dignified affair that was accomplished with tremendous grace. A warm feeling of hakaras hatov and abiding friendship permeated the event. I also wish mazel tov to and thank our honorees: Gus Jacobs, Sylvan and Marcy Schaffer, Moti and Halina Schwartz, Gerry Kean of Ventura Foods, and Nestle Nutrition.

Frank Buchweitz and his team for the impressive Emerging Communities Fair. 39 emerging communities in over 20 states participated in this year’s fair. Each community was represented by a consortium of schools, shuls and job opportunities. Nearly 1,100 people attended, not including the many OU staff members who facilitated the event. One participant shot and uploaded a video of the event.


Laya Pelzner, Yehuda Friedman and Penny Pazornick for a terrific community weekend in Chicago. Twelve shuls were involved in comprehensive OU programming that included board and staff retreats, meetings with members of the Chicago Kehilla Fund and rabbanim of the CRC, Yachad and NCSY programming, and much more.

Rabbi Yosef Grossman and ASK OU for the first-ever series of kashrus shiurim specifically designed for the Sephardic community. This lecture series featured OU poskim Rav Yisroel Belsky and Rav Hershel Schachter among other prominent personalities, and touched upon many issues that are important as we approach Pesach.

This past weekend was exceptional and exciting. Our gratitude goes to all who contributed towards these events, helping us better to serve all segments of the Jewish people.

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