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By Yaffa Ganz

A Place to Sigh – Israel Memorial Day

May 5, 2006, by

I WENT TO A FUNERAL — a spring funeral — in the city of Jerusalem. An Israeli soldier was killed; a Jewish boy had died. Another name was added to a list, a long list, of Jews who have given their lives in the past fifty years so that the Jewish State of Israel might

The Wandering Purim Pie

March 8, 2006, by

The story of Purim is a tale of venahafoch hu – things turning around and about and turning out, much to everyone’s surprise, just right. Things like that happen nowadays too. It was late one Friday afternoon on erev Purim… “Hello, Ima? Are you finished in the kitchen yet? Can I come over for a

A Tu B’Shevat Prayer

February 8, 2006, by

Sometimes I think I’ve been endowed with an overabundance of feelings. Things often seem to affect me more deeply than they do other people. I used to think this heightened sensitivity was a blessing, a gift to be treasured, but lately I’m beginning to have my doubts. It often seems to bring more suffering than