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Since 2003, Rabbi Shmuel Miller has served as Regional Director for New England NCSY. Both the quality and quantity of programs for teens from all backgrounds has grown and many alumni have come back to New England to serve as staff and NCSY Advisors. Rabbi Miller also provides communal support opportunities in Greater Boston. Parents struggling with their children find a listening ear and solid advice in Reb Shmuel. Married couples looking to improve peace in their home, have benefited from Rabbi and Mrs. D'vorah Miller's relationship workshops. Many a shul rabbi and lay leader seek counsel from him on issues ranging from shul programming to career change. Over the course of his 10 years in New England, Rabbi Miller has been a sought after speaker for communities, schools and universities including Maimonides, Gann Academy, Brandeis, MIT, BU and Tufts. Rabbi Miller has also had the honor of serving as Mesader Kiddushin at weddings both in London and Boston. Rabbi Miller possesses a unique blend of leadership experience, Torah learning, programming skills, wisdom and personable character.
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