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Sara Spielman

Family Purity, 2.0: Check Out The Mikvah App

May 1, 2017, by

It takes two MIT-educated graduates with a keen understanding of halachah and a passion to help ease the use of family purity for every Jewish family, to develop the only Mikvah app of its kind for iPhone and Android. Three weeks ago, MikvahCalendar.com was the first automatic system to introduce a Pattern Calculation System for kavuah, a mathematic

The Best Orthodox Jewish Communities If You’re 55+

April 5, 2017, by

Orthodox communities throughout the US are increasingly providing both physical and spiritual amenities for residents over age 55. “The demographics of retirees cover a wide span of ages from 55 to over 95 years of age with many different needs and interests,” explains Rebbetzin Judi Steinig, Associate Director for Community Services at the Orthodox Union and

Empowering Orthodox Women through Art and Creativity

March 16, 2017, by

For its tenth anniversary year, ATARA (The Association for Torah and the Arts) held its annual Creative and Performing Arts Convention for Women in Baltimore, MD over the first weekend in March. The first time hosted by a Jewish community outside of New York or New Jersey, professional musicians, dancers, theater artists, filmmakers, creative writers

Singles as Shadchanim: Singles Uniting Network

February 2, 2017, by

A new model of matchmaking in Maryland called “SUN,” or Singles Uniting Network, is taking shidduchim out of the hands of official shadchanim and placing it into the hands of singles. Founded by David Katzoff, a married father of two children who holds a deep desire to combat what he sees as a faulty shidduch system,