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Rivki Silver

Rivki Silver has happily spent much of her life immersed in all things musical, and has a degree in music performance. As her family has grown, she has turned more frequently to writing as a creative outlet (after all, typing does not wake a sleeping baby), and has written for various online publications, including PartnersinTorah.org, Aish.com and Kveller.com. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She currently lives in Cleveland with her husband and four children.

Do I Really Want Facebook to Just Be Pictures of Babies and Food?

July 1, 2015, by

This post originally appeared on Life in the Married Lane. Last week I saw a Facebook post which got me all emotional in a defensive way, and, after some (not enough) reflection, I commented, even though I was aware that my opinion might not be well-received. I rationalized my decision to comment by telling myself

Talking to Your Kids About The Baltimore Freddie Gray Riots

May 1, 2015, by

The past few days have been unsettling. My parents live in St. Louis, and I felt very connected to the events in Ferguson this summer. Now, with the recent turmoil in Baltimore, where we lived until a little over a month ago, I’ve been having a strong sense of deja vu. Many of the sentiments

Becoming An Expert Giver

April 29, 2015, by

I’m pretty good at thinking about myself. You know, what do I need, what do I want, how do I feel, and so on. Marriage, and even more so, motherhood, has helped me get out of that mentality and ask myself, what does he need, what does he want, how does he feel? With my kids,