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Rick Magder

Rick Magder is no newcomer to the world of media and entertainment. Together with his father and two brothers, The Magder’s built one of the largest entertainment companies in Canada. For many years, Ricky has been developing and producing television, feature films, special interest programs, music videos and interactive media. Some of his projects include: Mikhail Barishnikov's - Stories From My Childhood, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Rob Lowe, Shirley MacLaine, and Gene Hackman. The award winning - Home-Safe starring Martin Short, distributed by Disney, The IBM Family Guide To The Internet, The Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Interactive Experience starring Donny Osmond, Steve Demasco's Self Defense Workout, and The Cat Psychologist starring Mardie Macdonald. Rick's passion for the Jewish people led him to a long standing relationship with the OU. He created the OU's department of Media and Broadcasting for which he was the director for many years. Some of his Jewish projects include: Passover at the Wellmans, The Prince Of Egypt Family Haggadah for Passover in association with DreamWorks SKG and Mr. Teekoon’s Tinker Shop, an animated pilot that teaches positive character traits and values to children. His work has lead him to interviewing such politicians as President Carter, President Ford, Hillary Clinton, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Ted Kennedy, Rudolf Giulliani, Jean Kirkpatrick and many others. Rick was also the host of Off the Beaten Path, a podcast in which he interviewed fascinating Jewish personalities. You can find it on OURadio.org He currently manages projectsinai.org, an exciting online platform or interactive education.

Confessions of a Hollywood Dropout

December 1, 2006, by

It’s around 7:30 p.m., and I’m standing on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard. Suddenly, a young man starts running in my direction. He looks frantic. As he gets closer the beads of sweat on his forehead become visible. There is a look of horror in his eyes. He’s looking right at me. He’s getting close—fifty feet, twenty-five,

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