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Renee Chernin

The Enlightening Olive

September 30, 2015, by

Fruit ripens and then we eat it, right? Not always. The ripe olive is hard, bitter and inedible. The olives in the jar we bring home from the store have undergone weeks immersed in a brining solution, a process essential to bringing out the unique taste and texture of the particular variety of olive. Similarly,

Hint for a King

September 22, 2015, by

Here in the Old City of Jerusalem and probably in your own neighborhood, classes for the coming holidays are popping up everywhere. As the intensity of Elul is building, the talk of the town is tshuva, repentance. We Jews spend an entire month working on ourselves, fixing bad habits and making amends with those whom


September 8, 2015, by

What do you think is the most important cooking ingredient, and you will rarely see it in the ingredient list of any recipe? It is water. Water is the basis for soup, the builder of sauces, the braise of beef. It deglazes a pan, fluffs up a cake and adds crunch to a cookie. We

Chanukah Cupcake Menorah

September 7, 2015, by

I think this Cupcake “Menorah” (not to replace the real one!) is such a cute and easy idea. You can start with any boxed cake mix recipe and use ready-made frosting or make your favorite basic cake and frosting recipe. Make a healthier choice using recipes for Banana Bread or Carrot Cake. Just bake them

Good Ol’ Okra

September 7, 2015, by

If you happen to be traveling the back roads of Alabama the last week in August you’ll certainly want to make a stop at the Okra Festival held every year in Burkville. Neighbors will taste one another’s fried okra and rich gumbo, and you can buy loads of it cheap as chips right off the

Getting In Tune with Tomatoes

September 3, 2015, by

It’s been said that “a world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins.” So true. Just as a violin (or fiddle, if you will) is essential in classical, klezmer or country music, the tomato is integral to many a home cook’s repertoire. They add color to our salads, are the basis for many

Sukkot Meals Pure and Simple

August 20, 2015, by

“What do you do in the sukkah?” I once heard an interviewer ask a man as the holiday of Sukkot approached. His reply? “You eat, and you eat and then–you eat again!” How true. During the week of Sukkot, we consider our sukkah to be our home for seven days. Since the primary activities of

A Life Lesson Comes Full Circle

August 6, 2010, by

Sharone was my teacher that summer. She came to us along with three other bright young women from seminaries in Israel to hone their teaching skills in Jewish Atlanta. Their foray into the thick heat of our city, suffering yet another year of drought, poured refreshing insights and quenching words of Torah into a community

She’s Marbelous!

September 25, 2008, by

One could never say my friend Mira has lost her marbles. In fact, she has every one of them, 444 and counting. Count on Mira to have a unique approach to most everything she does. She lends sophistication to the flowing long skirts and colorful tops she wears, and accents her look with one-of-a-kind jewelry.

A Full Circle

August 14, 2008, by

Often, a life-changing event begins as a chance of circumstance. In hindsight however, we understand that it could not have been chance at all. It was hashgacha pratis, defined as Divine Providence, and it is the way God runs His world. Sometimes we see the Providence right away. I know a happily married couple who met because