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Rachel Ben David

Following the Letter of the Law

March 29, 2007, by

At some point in our learning of the various halachot (Jewish laws) my brother and I, both newly observant, realized that the upcoming holiday of Pesach (Passover) might be problematic. The laws of kashrut (what foods are permissible to eat) are very strict when it comes to Pesach, and we both knew that what we

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Ethnic Joke

January 18, 2007, by

The movie Borat was a hit at the box office. Funny, if a bit crude, it pokes fun at almost everyone, but especially at anti-Semites. I had my own “Borat moment” as a teenager in a public high school, and it caused me to start on my path to observant Judaism. I was born into