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Rabbi Yehonoson Dovid Hool

Evictions: Halachic Considerations

August 9, 2010, by

Reuven rents an apartment for a year, and agrees to pay the rent every three months. After six months, he defaults on his rental payment, and the landlord wants to evict him from the premises immediately, in the middle of the rental period. Does he have the right to do so in Halacha? *** Let

Relying on Others – Jewish Law

January 28, 2010, by

Question: Shimon is traveling from Israel to the USA for a short trip. Reuven, who lives in Israel, asks Shimon to buy a camera for him in the US. He later changes his mind after Shimon has already bought it, and decides that he doesn’t want it. What are his obligations? Answer: There are several

Knocking on Heaven’s Door – Jewish Law

January 14, 2010, by

Question: In my youth I was irreligious, and on one occasion I, together with a friend of mine, stole from a warehouse two doors. Since then I have done Teshuvah, and I realize that I must repay the theft. My former friend, however, is still irreligious and has no desire to repay anything. Must I

Interfering with Business Deals – Jewish Law

December 17, 2009, by

Question: Our shul is looking to expand its premises, and we noticed recently that the house next door to the shul has been put on the market for sale. The house is being sold by a bank as a result of a foreclosure and as such it is being offered at a very favorable price

Canceling a Prearranged Service Under Jewish Law

November 19, 2009, by

Question: If you order a babysitter, taxi driver or any other person to work for you, may you cancel the arrangement before the job begins, and what are the financial consequences if you do so? Answer: Reneging on a verbal commitment The Talmud (Bava Metzia 49a) forbids one to back out of any commitment upon