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Rabbi Yaakov Luban

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Sprinting Through Life

September 12, 2016, by

The Almighty communicates with us in mysterious ways. We may be going about our daily routine when G-d unexpectedly sends us a message of great importance. Such was the case about two years ago, when I had a harrowing experience sprinting down the corridor of the Love International Airport, outside of Dallas, Texas. I did

The Great Disappearing Act: Black Holes of Time

September 21, 2011, by

(Earlier in 2011, NASA’s Swift detected intense X-ray flares thought to be caused by a black hole devouring a star. The video model above and all photos below are courtesy of NASA multimedia productions.) Have you ever experienced the black hole of time? I have, and I am sure you have as well. What is

Rosh Hashana is Not Groundhog’s Day

August 31, 2010, by

I have two unique talents. I can close my eyes and fall asleep within 10 seconds, and once asleep, I can sleep through a tornado. These abilities are heaven-sent. Because of my busy schedule, I sleep very little at night. I am able to keep going by sleeping on the train to and from work.

Is Your Oven Kosher? What Every Kosher Cook Must Know

July 1, 2010, by

A tasty food can be made inedible if not prepared properly. The same is true in the realm of kosher. As we are meticulously careful to purchase only kosher food, the same degree of concern should be applied to the cooking process as well. This will insure that the food we eat is healthy for

The Same Old Story?

September 10, 2009, by

One fateful Rosh Hashana Day, the soul of Gershon Kleinbard stood in an endless line of living souls, each waiting to appear before the Master of the Universe for the moment of judgment and reckoning. Only the great tzaddikim sense this encounter; the vast majority of mankind is oblivious to this occurrence. Nonetheless, in the

Do You Know Where You Are Going?

September 20, 2007, by

“Yankie, I think we are lost”, my wife announced. I had recently mastered the new portable GPS navigational device, and I was excited to use it in Chicago. “Faigie, we’re not lost. A GPS doesn’t get you lost.” “But I don’t recognize this road.” Faigie grew up in Chicago and had a general recollection of

Forgotten Souls

September 28, 2006, by

I never met my Aunt Gerty who died in 1933, years before I was born. Nonetheless, I recently encountered her, and this left a profound impact on my soul. Years ago, my Mother, of blessed memory, told me that she had an older sister, Gerty, who died of pneumonia at age 13, and my grandparents